About me

Originally trained as a painter and printmaker, I changed to photography as a medium in the early 1980s. Initially using medium format cameras and, more recently, a hand built large format 5x4/5x7 camera where possible.

Early work focused on the wild mountain landscapes of Scotland, the Pyrenees and the Alps. I then became fascinated with the strange artificial flat landscapes created by ancient activities such as oyster culture in the Gironde Estuary in South West France and salt production on the coast of Slovenia. Where the landscapes have been created through the interaction of the industrial and the domestic, which, in many cases, has led to a profusion of groups of small buildings dotted around the flatness. This was followed by a visit to the Romney Marshes, particularly the extraordinary shingle banks around Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. Here the landscape has developed similar characteristics, but for very different reasons

The majority of recent work comes from two trips last year, to the area either side of the French and Italian border and to Granada, particularly the Alhambra, and the area of extraordinary cave dwellings on the opposite hillside around Sacremonte. In many respects these photographs revisit earlier concerns with texture, pattern and ambiguity.